Charitable Outreach

We are committed in reaching out to the community and supporting pregnant women and their families from different races, ethnicities and religions.


Care packages

During this current COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise pregnant women, new parents and families need support in all areas of their lives, especially through the lockdowns. Obaapa Helps have arranged bespoke care packages to support the community.

Listed below are the contents of what might be in the care packages:


Baby Wipes

Baby Grows


Baby Grooming Kit

Baby Bath Time Essentials (Shower Gels, Body Cream, Baby Powder, etc)

Baby Formula

Mother & Child Hair Products

Bath Bombs (for the mother)

Postpartum Bath Soaks (for the mother)

Breast Pads (for the mother)

Facial Masks (for the mother)

*Please note that if there is something you may need that is not listed in the care packages please let us know by emailing us